We at H+P Public Relations GmbH develop and implement creative and innovative marketing and communication campaigns for companies, brands, personalities, associations and institutions in the German-speaking markets.
For us, marketing and communication mean defining goals, developing strategies and professional project management. Our key expertise: Classic, dialogue-focused press work, social media marketing, media, visual communication. And we carry out in-store promotions in retail throughout Germany as part of PoS marketing. Using experienced promoters. Competent and reliable. This has been our profession for more than 30 years. We have established networks in the media, retail and consumer goods, food and beverages, design, lifestyle, industry and business sectors. H+P Public Relations is independent and owner-managed. Many of our customers have been loyal to us for far more than a decade. And we are to them too.


H+P Public Relations identifies relevant key topics and develops them ready for release. The agency has an established press network.
Consulting. Strategy. Concept design. Media dialogue with trade and consumer media, daily press, radio, TV. Print & online. Theme setting. Storytelling. Editorial plans. Press kit. Press releases. Press photos. Texts. Press conferences and press briefings. Editorial visits. Photo shoots. Events. Media collaborations. Media monitoring. Evaluation. Documentation. Success control. Media consulting. Media planning. Advertisements.
Social Media Marketing
H+P Public Relations develops and manages social media campaigns. From selecting relevant networks to taking care of profiles on a daily basis. The social media package is completed by add-ons such as collaborations with influencers and bloggers.
Consulting. Strategy. Concept design. Establishing social media profiles. Conceptual development of campaigns and topic areas. Content. Preparing editorial plans and editorial support. Developing and expanding blogger relations and collaborations. Influencer marketing. Ads. Social media monitoring. Documentation and success control.
Visual Communi- cation
Look & feel: visual communication has to get under your skin. Pure emotion. Non-verbal.
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Consulting. Strategy. Concept design. Corporate design. Web design. Brochures, flyers and publications. Designing advertisements. Video productions. Photo shoots. Pictorial worlds. Exhibition stands.
Instore Promotion
H+P Public Relations is ideally networked in German-speaking retail. We implement professional in-store promotion as part of PoS marketing. Using trained promoters. Nationwide and on any scale. Competent, reliable and sustainable.
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Consulting. Strategy. Concept design. Established contacts to retail on all levels. Individual arrangements and bookings. Recruiting professional promoters. Training and further education for professional promoters. Deployment plans. Concept design and producing equipment. Controlling. Monitoring. Reporting.